6 Tips for Communicating Effectively for Hearing Loss

Have you ever tried to maintain a conversation with someone who won’t make eye contact or face you directly? It can be uncomfortable and frustrating, even for people who don’t have hearing loss. But if you use a hearing aid, communicating in these situations becomes even tougher. Hearing loss can affect anyone, at any … Read More

The Truth About Daily Life and Hearing Loss

If you are currently struggling with untreated hearing loss, you know that it can be a frustrating and isolating experience. Whether you are in a social or professional situation, not being able to hear others properly affects your ability to be fully engaged in what’s going on around you. First, know that you are … Read More

The Connection Between Hearing Loss and Your Annual Income

Your supervisor just assigned an important project to you and is giving you instructions on how to tackle it. You’re having trouble hearing her, but rather than ask her to repeat herself, you decide to figure things out as you go. You’re not feeling confident about this assignment, but you ask yourself, “What’s worse—making … Read More

Welcome To Capital City Audiology & Hearing Centre’s New South Side Location

Capital City Audiology & Hearing Centre are very pleased to announce the official opening of our new South Side Edmonton location in the beautiful and modern Allendale Professional building. What Services Are Offered At Our New Location Doctors of Audiology, Brenna Ettles and Kevin Anderson, who have over 20 years of combined experience, will … Read More

Can Earwax Build Up Affect Your Hearing?

When our patients walk through our door, they are often suspect that their symptoms or hearing loss is due to excessive wax build-up. We commonly hear, “my ears are probably plugged with wax,” or “my ears are likely dirty.” This type of hearing loss, called conductive hearing loss, is commonly caused by a physical … Read More

Turn Down That TV!

At Capital City Audiology and Hearing, our primary goal is to help our patients improve their hearing when communicating with their family and friends. However, one of the biggest complaints we get from hearing aid users is from spouses telling them to turn down the TV, even when they have their hearing aids in. … Read More

How Water Resistant Are Your Hearing Aids?

When I was a child, I used to frequent our (formerly) family owned hearing aid practice. It was there, in the practice my family had built, that my career began to take shape. I would listen and observe, learning the ins and outs of the trade almost by accident. And it’s with that perspective … Read More

We should be talking about listening.

As an audiologist, I meet people every day who have very little knowledge about their ears or their hearing in general, which isn’t too surprising. What is surprising is how little attention the medical community pays to hearing difficulties and/or ear disorders. As audiologists, we all agree that this needs to change — and … Read More

Everything Old is New Again

When you walk into our offices at Capital City Audiology and Hearing Centre, the first thing you’re greeted with (besides our friendly staff) is a feature wall built with aged, locally sourced, reclaimed barn wood. Modern, brightly coloured offices contrast this rustic feature wall and as you walk through our building this unification of … Read More