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When I was a child, I used to frequent our (formerly) family owned hearing aid practice. It was there, in the practice my family had built, that my career began to take shape. I would listen and observe, learning the ins and outs of the trade almost by accident. And it’s with that perspective that I have been able to witness the remarkable advancements in hearing aid technologies over the years. I remember people coming in to have their hearing aids serviced and, more often than not, the aids were sent back to the manufacturer due to the most common issue we saw: moisture damage.

Today, I’m thankful to say that I see the problem far less. One of the biggest improvements with hearing aids over the past several years — besides the advancement of the technology — is the fact that hearing aids have become more durable and reliable.

There are many hearing aid manufacturers within the past year or so who have designed hearing aids that rate as dust and water resistant, or “IP68” — which means that they can get wet without any damage. And while this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can swim the beaches of Bermuda with the hearing aids on (although there is at least one a hearing aid on the market which claims that you can), it does mean living a little more fearlessly.

These new technologies alleviate the concerns of sweat, sudden rainstorms, or accidentally wearing them in the shower. If IP68 rated hearing aids are submerged for a period, the water will merely disable the battery (since hearing aid batteries need air to work,) but that should be the only damage done.

Just remember that they are tiny electronic devices and the intention is not to push the limits with water exposure — but it is nice to have the peace of mind that you do not have to worry about moisture being a primary reason for hearing aid repairs anymore.

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Kevin Anderson


Kevin Anderson, Doctor of Audiology, has been practicing as a registered audiologist in the Edmonton area since 2002. His personal experience goes well beyond that, however, as his parents, Murray Anderson and Denise Anderson, started in the hearing aid industry in 1964, This allowed Kevin to grow up watching the hearing aid world mature into a highly technical and sophisticated industry.

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