While Capital City Audiology is structured upon traditional service values, we also have the latest in digital, Bluetooth enabled hearing aid technology. We offer products from Oticon Canada, Phonak Canada, Unitron Canada, and Sivantos Canada.

Oticon More hearing aid

Oticon More ™

Oticon More debut’s an all-new hearing aid technology—the Deep Neural Network (DNN). DNN is the world’s first hearing aid to give the brain the full perspective by mimicking the way the brain functions. The DNN has been trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes, making it the world’s most advanced hearing aid technology ever.

  • Captures and optimizes sounds, so individual sounds stand out in clear contrast to each other
  • Works precisely and quickly to ensure important details and dynamics are made audible and available with less distortion in loud environments
  • Optimal gain all day without the risk of feedback*
  • Provides better spatial balance
  • Improves soft speech understanding without turning up the volume
  • Tinnitus sound therapy
  • Improved access to speech in situations with wind noise

*Benefits may vary depending on hearing loss.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Phonak Audéo ™ Paradise

Comprised of all-new hardware the Phonak Audéo Paradise excels in hearing performance and hosts several elevated features for a hearing aid that delivers an unrivaled hearing experience.

  • Crisp, natural sound and vivid speech understanding
  • Personalized noise-cancelling
  • Voice assistant with a tap
  • Connects to smartphones, TV and more
  • Waterproof, showerproof and sweatproof up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet
  • Control your hearing aid via the Phonak remote app and personalize your settings
  • Roger microphone streams directly to your hearing aid, improving speech understanding in loud noise and over distance
  • Available in rechargeable
  • Available in many colours
Unitron Blu hearing aid

Unitron ™ Blu

Unitron Blu family of hearing aids features Integra OS, an advanced signal processing system with easy personalization, made-for-all connectivity and sleek styles. Combining powerful binaural communication with automatic sound optimization, Unitron Blu hearing aids provide incredible listening freedom no matter where life takes you.

  • Determines where speech is coming from and dynamically alters the amplification in each ear
  • Reduces distracting background noise in noisy environments for easier face-to-face conversations
  • Improves soft speech understanding by making quieter voices clearer and more comfortable to hear
  • Better spatial awareness to compensate for cues typically lost in hearing aids
  • Control your hearing aid via the Remote Plus app and personalize your settings
  • Stream media or hands-free calls directly to your hearing aid via Bluetooth technology
  • Connect two digital devices at the same time (pairing up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices at once)
  • Control media and hands-free calls with the new tap control technology