Senior couple quietly watching television together At Capital City Audiology and Hearing, our primary goal is to help our patients improve their hearing when communicating with their family and friends. However, one of the biggest complaints we get from hearing aid users is from spouses telling them to turn down the TV, even when they have their hearing aids in.

Hearing aid manufacturers have come up with a brilliant solution to this common problem! Several manufacturers have designed hearing aids that connect directly to your TV. No wires, no streamers, and no hassle!

The Oticon OPN hearing aids will direct the television sound straight into your ears. You and your spouse can both listen to the television at a level that you each find comfortable. In addition to the wireless ability to connect to the TV, the Oticon OPN hearing aids can also connect to your smartphone wirelessly. You can listen to music, podcasts and even take your phone calls directly through the hearing aids using Bluetooth.

The best part-IT’S NOT THAT COMPLICATED TO USE! Call us today for an appointment so we can get started finding a solution to TV listening needs.