Conversation, laughter, birds chirping, bees buzzing. The new Oticon Real™ Hearing Aid gives you access to the meaningful, rich and textured sounds of the real world—all while reducing listening effort and disruptive noises for a clear, comfortable soundscape. An intelligent hearing solution, powered by the new Polaris R™ platform, Oticon Real™ features RealSound Technology™ to help you remain focused and sharp in the real world.

Building on the success of Oticon More™, Oticon Real™ features the SuddenSound Stabilizer: the world’s first feature for balancing sudden noises. Proven to help reduce listening effort by 22%, the new SuddenSound Stabilizer optimizes sounds seamlessly across varying environments, so abrupt noises are audible without being disruptive. Handling more than 500,000 sudden sounds during a typical day, this technology helps you navigate your environment, remain aware of your surroundings and engage and react when needed.

At the same time, Oticon Real™ uses the world’s first wind and handling noise prevention feature. With double-patented technology, the new Wind & Handling Stabilizer in Oticon Real™ immediately detects and cleans up wind and handling noises, up to 500 times per second, to support a more balanced listening experience. With technical and clinical tests conducted in one of the largest university-owned wind tunnels in the world, Oticon Real™ was proven to outperform its leading competitors, providing superior wind noise reduction and improved speech clarity.

To learn more about Oticon Real™ and how it can help you with your hearing health, make an appointment with us today.